why might you want to work with an executive coach?

why might you want to work with an executive coach?

by | Nov 8, 2021 | mindset, self awareness, transformation

Executive coaching can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. The process helps you create insights for you professionally, for your organisation and across your life. This means you can ensure you are working to the best of your abilities, and within an environment that helps you bring those strengths to your work and life every day.

The real value of coaching is uncovering what is blocking you from moving to where you want to be and putting in place actionable steps to get there!

The insights that you discover about yourself and the ‘aha’ moments when make a connection about the reasoning behind your why, your values and why you do, what you do is transformational.

There are lots of different reasons to work with a coach and these will all be different and personal to you.

Reasons why you might want to work with a coach are to:

Build a life and career plan

Coaching supports you to build a life and career plan based on what success looks like for you.

Grow and a willingness to develop

Those seeking to grow and who have a willingness to develop both professionally and personally. Working with an executive coach helps you get there quicker.

Learn from your mistakes

Coaching helps you reflect on your mistakes are learning and developing a growth mindset to see failure as learning.

Acknowledge or uncover your blind spots

You might know or might not be willing to see your blind spots which can hold you back from making progress within your professional and personal life. Coaching supports you to recognise and work on those hinderances. It works on what is holding you back and then how you can move forward.

Build a healthy work/ life balance

Executive coaching looks at the whole you. It explores your relationship between work and life to bring about a greater awareness and balance towards the life you want to live and build.

Embrace change and uncertainty

Working with a coach builds your self-awareness into how you deal with change and uncertainty. It helps you build strategies to increase your resilience and supports you to shift your mindset towards reframing disappointments.

You might be looking to work with an executive coach because you:

  • Want to become a better leader/ partner/ parent/ guardian
  • Are seeking a promotion, looking to re-energise your career or seeking a career change
  • Have received constructive feedback in your last 360 performance review and want to action it
  • Want to identify and leverage your core strengths in your current role
  • Need an accountability partner
  • Are conscious that you have blind spots and are keen to uncover them
  • Have not realised your full potential

Here is what a few clients have said about how executive coaching has supported them in reaching their potential.

“Career and life coaching provides time and space for you to work on you, build your self-awareness of what you need and put in an action plan to protect your wellbeing.”

“Through a combination of feeling supported and stretch, through questions and conversations, I was able to take myself out of my comfort zone and explore creatively what was important to both me and for the organisations.”

“Career and life coaching gave me the chance to re-evaluate my career and gain a better insight into how I tick. The time and space saw me gain confidence to look at where I could put my strengths to work and give me job satisfaction.”

“Coaching helped me to build confidence in my own abilities. Through the coaching process I saw different approaches to achieve results. Such as sticking to facts rather than bringing in emotion and started to believe that my natural talents were not what everyone else could do! My talents were actually my strengths and once I started to believe in myself, I started to see a shift in getting results at work for myself and increased sales for the business.”

If you’re wondering if executive coaching is right for you, you can book a free exploratory call by getting in touch on hello@seabreezecoaching.co.uk

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