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I’m so fortunate to have worked with some truly inspiring people. Here’s how coaching is supporting clients to transform their careers and lives.


Marian, services director at a UK charity was due to undertake a large-scale change project and wanted coaching to support her to build resilience and maintain positive working relationships through the process. As part of the coaching process Marian was able to build strategies for their wellbeing, reconnect with her purpose and values. 

“bex enabled and encouraged me to really focus on what was important for me in a leadership role.”

“Throughout this very challenging process, knowing that I had a safe space with Bex was really important for me.  Bex enabled and encouraged me to really focus on what was important for me in a leadership role.  I was able to reconnect with my own values and purpose and not get lost within the multiple narratives that emerge when organisations face challenges. I was able to give myself the time and space to explore different outcomes and solutions and steer a clear path.

“Bex has that wonderful combination of gentleness and encouragement along with a clear objectivity.  Through a combination of feeling supported and stretched through objective questions and conversations, I was able to take myself out of my comfort zone and explore creatively what was important for both me and for the organisation. I know that this really helped with my decision-making process.”


As head of talent and development at a data science business Jen was reporting to the CEO and unclear if this was the ideal career choice having come from a technical background. We worked on Jen’s strengths, passion and what made her tick.

career development and transition coaching

“Coaching combined with the pandemic gave me chance to re-evaluate my career and gave me chance to gain a better insight into what makes me tick. Working with Bex saw me dedicate some time to my own development, working out what I was good at and where I wanted to be in my career. The time and space saw me gain the confidence to look at where I could put my strengths to work and give me job satisfaction.”  

“working with bex saw me dedicate some time to my own development, [and] where I wanted to be in my career.


Alex saw her role in the events industry disappear and was placed on furlough for the majority of 2020/ 2021. With her entrepreneur dream, to set up her own business in events in the future, she had to put that on hold and instead learnt a language and set up her own teaching business.

Coaching gave Alex clarity on her strengths, what she loves doing and saw her create a short term as well as long term plan to make her dream a reality.

“she helped me realise my abilities and build my confidence through a period of great uncertainty”

“Coaching with Bex gave me the space to focus on myself, look at my purpose and values during a time of real uncertainty. We worked together with a mix of mentoring and coaching that saw me shift my mindset, work through reframing automatic negative thoughts and start to build a mixed business model that plays to my strengths of where I want to be in five to ten years’ time – as well as learning to focus on today. Coaching helped me build my confidence and think about my personal values. 

Bex is very patient, caring and helps you find your right path. We explored lots of different coaching techniques which made me reflect, realise my strengths and when in fact I am undervaluing myself. I would strongly recommend Bex as she is very sincere and honest and helps you reach your best potential. More so she helped me realise my abilities and build my confidence through a period of great uncertainty playing the role of both a caring mentor and a coach.” 


Chris, is a head of programmes at a utility company. Chris saw his team expand quickly combined with shifting to leading a remote team during the Covid pandemic, Chris wanted executive coaching to build his confidence in his leadership style. This included getting comfortable with less operational technical delivery and how to build capacity and capabilities in his new team.

career development and transition coaching

“Working with Bex helped me to see my strengths. Coaching built up my confidence to try new things with my team, step into the leadership role and edge away from operational delivery. I was able to see where I could delegate more to the team, put in different processes, train and build capacity as well as capability. I also realised that everyone to a lesser or greater extent has imposter syndrome! It helped me see that my ability to listen in meetings and make points only when necessary is a strength and that I am creating my own leadership style rather than being what I thought I needed to be.

Bex’s coaching style really suited me, challenging me to think about and adapt the way that I lead my team. I found that her background in senior leadership positions enabled her to empathise with my own situation, suggesting approaches to try based on her own experience and tailored to my own situation. Our sessions started face-to-face but due to the Covid pandemic were moved online. This worked extremely well and provided flexibility for both of us; I would be confident that coaching sessions delivered entirely online would be very successful.”

“bex’s coaching style really suited me, challenging me to think about and adapt the way that I lead my team.”

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