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Creating space for busy leaders to think. Gain clarity on their ambitions, values and gain confidence. 

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About Rebecca Whitehead Executive Coach

confidence, balance & alignment

hello – a bit about me

With over 20 years working in marketing and communications across the engineering, science, education, and technology sectors, I reset my career path to align with values and life.

I now mix communications and executive coaching to support small businesses, entrepreneurs and leaders to embrace uncertainty and overwhelm to build confidence, create calm and alignment in their work and life.

Many clients find that when they turn their focus to their mindset and strengths they start to see outstanding results for themselves, their teams and family.

I am a member of the Association for Coaching, have a diploma in NLP,  a Level 7 executive coaching and mentoring qualification with the Institute of Leadership and Management, and am a mental health first aider.

I am qualified to deliver the ‘GC Index’ – a great tool that helps identify where you bring value and energy to your work. I am also a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

As a member of the Association for Coaching I comply with the Code of Ethics and standards of behaviour set out in the Association for Coaching (AC), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

Mental health first aider

Seabreeze Coaching is a GC partner accredited to deliver the GC Index

me and my style

I bring my experience as a director working in PR, communications and marketing to steer a team, to give support to CEOs and boards of directors to focus on strengths and bring those aspects to the fore. Success comes when you understand your strengths so we build awareness around these and explore what happens when these go into overdrive.

An empathetic approach to shift and solve problems while growing your mindset is the foundation stone which instigates growth in emotional intelligence and self awareness. A gentle, yet progressive way of working, the aim of which is to develop a calm, compassionate and balanced approach to both your work and personal life.

My style of executive coaching focuses on you as an individual, to shift your mindset, get unstuck, highlight your strengths, performance, confidence, wellbeing, and support you to get super comfortable with discomfort. Stretching outside of your comfort zone as this is where growth happens to make a shift or change.

I particularly work with clients who are looking to bring their authentic self to work and their life as a whole.

Having successfully navigated many life changes and uncertainty including cancer, leading teams through change, while being a Mum to a neurodivergent child; I bring an understanding of and experience in how to develop strategies to:

  • pivot or reorient your career
  • tackle overwhelm and time management
  • align strengths and mindset to business goals
  • be brave and take action to live your values
  • shift your mindset for success
  • increase confidence levels for performance and leadership skills
  • understand your blind spots
  • manage change and transition
  • explore self-limiting beliefs
  • move on from procrastination and what really needs to be unstuck
  • work with you as your whole self.

I bring a calm, active listening and action-based approach to coaching. Nudging and encouraging you to shift towards your aspirations.

my own journey and coaching experience

Shifting mindset is the foundation stone which instigates growth in emotional intelligence and self-awareness. A gentle, yet progressive way of working, the aim of which is to develop a calm, compassionate and balanced approach to both work and personal life.

I first discovered the transformative effect of coaching in 2013 when I transitioned from a manager to a leadership role. As an introvert surrounded by extraverts, I learnt that my style of calm, making points when there were points to make and not needing to be the loudest in the room worked well for me and the leaders I supported.

I was used to coaching my team and boards of directors and a promotion saw me seek the support of a coach for myself to support my own mindset shift – moving away from operational delivery to leading and getting comfortable in that new way of being.

After over 20 years at the helm and steering a team of high calibre comms, PR and marketing professionals, I decided to recalibrate, retrain and invest in myself to focus more on supporting others transform.

my purpose

My purpose is to create calm, clarity and space by truly listening for you. This is so you can move often from overwhelm and uncertainty to bring success, alignment and balance to the career and life you want.

My core values are focussed on finding alignment in the way I work, live and coach:

“A lot of the conflict you have in your life exists simply because you’re not living in alignment; you’re not being true to yourself.” ― Steve Maraboli

  • Be true: being who you truly are, true to yourself and with integrity
  • Be compassionate: holding space, without judgement to focus on the others’ perspective and supporting through action planning
  • Collaborate: we’re stronger as humans if we work together to be our best selves
  • Trust your gut: working with your intuition and trusting it

“[bex] helped me realise my abilities and build my confidence through a period of great uncertainty”

“Coaching with Bex gave me the space to focus on myself, look at my purpose and values during a time of real uncertainty. We worked together with a mix of mentoring and coaching that saw me shift my mindset, work through reframing automatic negative thoughts and start to build a mixed business model that plays to my strengths of where I want to be in five to ten years’ time – as well as learning to focus on today. Coaching helped me build my confidence and think about my personal values.”

– alex

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